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That's working.

You've got this.

Well, hi there. My name is Grant Sanders.

You might not know me.

But that’s okay.

I’m not the story here.

The story is really about a place I’ve worked for the last few years.

Last decade.

Okay, two decades.

27 years, really.

Off and on.

It’s complicated.

Anyway, this place is called Mintz + Hoke.

It’s an ad agency in Avon, CT.

A damn good one.

Sorry about the salty language. But it’s true.

Their slogan is “We don’t do easy.” (More on that later…)

Mintz + Hoke is the only ad agency where I’ve ever really wanted to be a full-time employee.

And I’ve worked at a few.

Okay, 33. I freelanced a lot in my 30s.

But who’s counting?

Here’s the thing.

I’m not there any more.

I left a few weeks ago.

Because I live on Nantucket Island.


Yeah, I know. Sucks to be me.

The commute was 11 hours, round trip.

Which I did once a week.

Plus, I missed being with my wife.

And I miss my dog, Seven.

Here’s a picture of us.


He’s the one on the right.

He passed away a year ago.

And it’s time I raised another puppy.

So, not without some mixed feelings, I left.

Which is hard because I love those Mintz + Hoke people.

(Strictly platonic)

And because I’m an ad guy, I thought I would get a big billboard and a web site and say, “Thank you.”

That’s normal, right?

But after 27 years there are a lot of people to thank.

Past and present.

The first person to thank is Steve Sullivan.

He’s the guy at Mintz + Hoke who wanted to acquire my little Boston ad agency in 1991.

I wanted to sell. My partners, John and Mike, said no. It’s a long story.

Anyway, when I started working at Mintz + Hoke, I worked with a lot of great people.

Joe Hoke and Chris Knopf and Mary Farrell and Mary Ann Gates and Dik Haddad and Alan Maislen and Dana Robinson and Pam Nichols.

And a bunch of other great folks.

Most of whom aren’t there any more.

27 years is a long time.

As time went on, I worked with more great M+H people.

Don Carter, Harry Hartofelis, Jeff Fine, Mia Walters, Eric Knight, Dean Simmons, Eulah Sheffield, Bill Field, Su Strawderman, Manny Rodriguez, Pat Dugan, Eric Panke, Bonnie Isaac, Jon Cipes, Wayne Waaramaa, Jon Smirnoff, Sonny Gamboa, Pat Kiniry, Lisa Cushman, Chris Cerrigione.

They’re all someplace else now, too.

I’ve worked with so many amazing people who have gone on to do great things.

Oh, wait. I think I remembered a few more.

Amanda, Ashely, Bill, Biz, Bob, Bonnie, Brett, The other Brett, Colin, Dale, Danielle, Gail, Heather, Jackie, Janet, Jody, John, JR, Kath, Katie, Kelly, Kevin, Lindaluz, Lindsey, Lisa, Mark, Megan, Natasha, Sarah, Sharon, Wicky, Wojciech.

There’s also dozens of great freelancers and production people we worked with every day.

Like Matt, Justin, Pedro, Mike, and the other Mike, Brian, Greg, Sean, Derek, Brenda (love), Walt, Don, Christine, Maria, Dan, Adam, Jeff, Holly, Karen, Liz, Omar, Hector, Nick, Andy, Seamus, Jennifer and dozens more.

And I know I’m forgetting, like, 100 other people.

Maybe it’s because I’ve lost most of the memories from my 40s.

It’s just a blur.

Again, long story.

Well, let’s just skip ahead to the present and thank a lot of current M+H people all at once.

Aisha, Alyssa, Amanda, Andrew, Ben, Brianna, Carla, Caroline, Charles, Christine, Colby, Dennis, Emily, Erica, Ethan, Glen, Heather, Jackie, Jeanne, Jenn, Jess, Jessica, Judy, Kara, KP, Kayla, Kellie, Kolbe, Kristen, Lisa, Louann, Lynette, Magdalena, Maribeth, Matt, Meghan, Merideth, Mike, Michelle, Mickey, Penny, Phil G and Phil R, Rachel, ‘Becca, Rena (thanks for kicking my ass daily), Ron, Rose, SB, Scott, ‘Lana, Tim, Tom, and last but not even close to least, Trevor.

This group of people is amazing.

I feel honored to have worked with them.

Remember their slogan?

"We don’t do easy."

It’s so true.

I was part of a lot of really challenging, meaty projects when I was the CD there.

I did things I never thought possible.

I really stretched myself.

And I built up a lot of grit as a result.

A lot.

And my plan is to bring that grit to Nantucket and apply it to something new.

(The stuff on the beach there is pretty gritty. That’s a hint.)

And I can do it because of my time at Mintz + Hoke.

Thank you, M+H peeps.

I love you.

Again, platonically.

Now let’s go out there and do hard things together and separately.

*Walks toward the door to leave, then turns around and comes back*

Oh, yeah, hey! Happy 48th Anniversary, by the way!

I got you a cheese knife.

No, it’s not a re-gift.

I swear.

I know how much you like cheese.

And, um, cutting things…?


(Awkward pause.)

Oh, wait. I have to mention one other thing.

thanksforthegrit.com and the billboard of the same name is a product of Grant Sanders. Me. And only me. No one from Mintz + Hoke was involved and it was done without their approval or knowledge. If I missed anyone who should be mentioned, please write to me and I’ll update this site. Without help. I have mad skills. All of which is to say: Please do not sue me for saying, “thank you.”

Thank you.

© Copyright 2019 Grant Sanders. All Rights Reserved.

All Rights.

You do not want to mess with my lawyer.

She is tough.

Okay, then.

See you on the beach.

(Bring sunscreen.)

Peace and love.

[Fade to really expensive special effects montage with music composed for the occasion by Stevie Wonder, here.]


(Now you've done it. You are back at the beginning.)